8月1日~9月30日 期間限定

東京都中央区日本橋馬喰町1-7-14 エトワール海渡NEO館


大阪ATC&ハンドメイドバザール 初参加

9月15日(土)~9月17日(月) 大阪南港ATCホール


あべのハルカス近鉄本店 10月24日~10月30日



HIRAKATA T-SITE  3F 蔦屋書店 マサノヴァアート常設展示販売


あべのハルカス近鉄本店 7月18日~7月24日


期間限定ショップ ペンブランクロボットアクセサリー新作


イノブン京橋店 6月21日~2ヶ月間 期間限定販売

2018年5月9日 The Japan Newsへ掲載いただきました。


The Wonder 500™ 認定商品




The starting point for Japanese monozukuri (manufacturing culture) is, without a doubt, its wide variety of industrial components. Here, these different parts—screws, nuts and the like—have been brought together and transformed into accessories based on an adorable robot motif. High-precision processing techniques refined in the domain of electronic device manufacture have been put to use in handcrafting these 2cm-tall robots, which exploit the special characteristics of various materials including stainless steel, iron and glass. The parts that these robots are built out of are homogenous and inorganic-looking at first glance; yet a closer look reveals a mosaic of individuality, with each robot having a subtly different expression. With their wry humor and cheery playfulness, these little works of art are sure to raise a smile from anyoneseeing them. With so many different types on offer, just choosing your favorite is an enjoyable task. A close look at the robots may perhaps reveal one of the components that we use in our everyday lives, repurposed here in some unexpected way.          MASSANOVAART